Brisbane Small Business Expo Specials

The first Brisbane Small Business Expo was held at Eagle Farm October 16-17 in 2015, and we’re damned proud to say we were the preferred printer for the event.

We identified what the most important print items were, and put them together as Expo Essentials, a series of specially priced products that every presenter needed as a bare minimum to have a successful Expo.

The prices that we offered in 2015 were extremely popular.

So much so that in 2016 we’re offering those SAME prices to exhibitors again!

We’re doing this because we believe in supporting the Brisbane Small Business community every way possible. We know what it’s like to fight every day for something you believe passionately about. Boots and all, Rebel Media is in the trenches with you.

If you want be a part of the 2016 Brisbane Small Business Expo July 15-16, then register your interest NOW. And start thinking about which Expo Essentials you’ll need to make the most of this opportunity.

Business cards at Brisbane Small Business Expo prices Pull-up Banners at Brisbane Small Business Expo prices Brochures and Flyers at Brisbane Small Business Expo prices Presentation folders at Brisbane Small Business Expo prices